Promotion of the Sport – Bowling

Good to see some ideas men out there, here’s mine,!

Firstly lets address the newspaper promotion ideas, all the results are a must for starters in the Sunday times. should sum1 from Bowls W.A ask for more exposure in the way of a photo of comp or championship winners and a story to go along with it. published on a weekly fortnightly or monthly basis etc, or an individual club can act ( photo with a couple of fresh young faces, coloured uniforms, coloured bowls,… )

Nothing is stopping any club from approaching the Sunday Times direct or the West Australian, sending in a pic of the championship pairs winners with a descriptive story of the game. and asking the sports editor, would you mind running this sports story, how about Wednesdays West, the West for example could alternate different clubs weekly for individual club promotion and promo of bowls WA, has any1 approached the West on behalf of their club..? why not.. a stories a story.

Ok now for the no brainer, COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS, MT PLEASANT EARLIER THIS YEAR approached the Melville times ( sports editor ) and we done a near half page promotion on bowls and all its therapeutic health benefits ( apart from getting cooked in the sun ) and how it’s as good way to ACT BELONG COMMIT, WITH PHOTOS, there was some enquiry, but did the fact mentioning the pennant season went from Oct. to March scare potential members straight off…?

Just before I talk about the longest hottest pennant season in the world, you may notice when holidaying down south or in the country, local bowling clubs utilise their local paper which is basically the size of our community newspapers.

I had the pleasure of playing a pennant season with Dunsborough in 2009. now between Busselton and Dunsborough almost on a weekly basis over the bowls season you could read an article in the Busselton/ Dunsborough times ABOUT THESE CLUBS.. there is a pic of the recent triples winners.. etc and a story, or a corporate team, promoting bowls and the clubs, NO WONDER Busselton had the biggest turnout in the state incl metro for corporate bowlers 294, back then, just by always having something appearing in the paper and keeping it in people’s minds. and coz it’s a gr8 spot..!.. think about becoming your bowls club sports journo, start approaching your local paper now or the west.

Young people are just not joining or people in their 40s and 50s for that matter as well, most young people follow a family member in, we all know there is a magic about bowls, but how do we get other people to feel it, lots of clubs are shrinking.

it seems there has been a few surveys over the years but not much has really changed about our pennant season. from 25 to 21 ends, NO HALFWAY BREAK AND SPONGECAKE, 15 min. start time and some uniform adjustments, but we still have the longest hottest drawn out pennant season on the planet, this itself could be putting new members off, especially young members. here is a suggestion to finally bring some wholesale changes, that the old school may cringe about, but change of some reasoning is overdue,

Something to think about, 2 pennant seasons in 1 year, or a shorter season and a longer off season,

bring forward pennant season starting 1st week of Sept. and finishing last week b4 Xmas,( pleasant playing conditions ) depending on weather 8 or 10 teams to a comp, if still 10, there can be 2 double headers sat and sun in Sept., coz when cooler weather, and Friday night sat arvo in November/December, hotter weather, BOWLS W.A could even hold a promotion and CALL IT, A CARNIVAL OF BOWLS promotion, HAVING A TRIPLE HEADER, Fri night, Sat arvo, Sun morn, advertise to the public, to come and watch a pennant game there is a time to suit all, and throw in some other promos and fun events for that week,

Now we could have the last week in Dec. off, all of Jan, and have another pennant season from start of Feb. or March to end of May, and have June July Aug. off season,

This will give people the opportunity to have summertime off and play in some of the gr8 South West carnivals where it is cooler for a holiday, by communicating with the South West they may even put a couple more events on. their pennant season is on hold also in Jan.

By having the season from Sept. to Dec., it may encourage a lot more younger people to get into the game as there summertime is not taken up, so they can still windsurf, ski, go to Rotto, sleep of hangovers from partying etc,

With the 2 shorter seasons operating, we will probably see 2 different social demographics playing the different aligned pennant seasons, of course a big percentage will play both,

Some will look for negatives to stop this some will look for the positives, which there are many. I’m sure 1 argument will be green speed, half the greens are carpet now or synthetic, it just means a schedule change to get the grass greens up n going, some maybe a touch slower, so we will align with the eastern states anyway, it may help us beat them. loll